A Spanish technology allows replanting up to 10,000 trees in a day with drones

The Revolution CO2 method lowers the reforestation process by 1,000% compared to traditional

CO2 Revolution has developed a technology that allows replanting up to 100,000 trees in a day , that is, it is capable of reforesting enormous surfaces up to 100 times faster than traditional methods and with a tenth of cost as a result of the use of Big Data, which provides what are the essential variables of each ecosystem (temperature, rainfall, soil types, native species, requirements of local populations).

In this way, after carrying out this analysis of the variables, the pregerminated seed, called ‘iseed’, is introduced into a biodegradable capsule to which all the elements are added so that it is viable in its first growth phase, but It has an 80% chance of success . The plantation is done by drones with attached tanks.

According to the company, the use of drones for this type of action is useful for the seeds to reach areas of difficult access for human resources, to streamline the process over time (in 5 hours a zone of 100,000 trees can be reforested) and to lower the process by more than 1,000% if the traditional method were followed.

As a result, the Spanish startup has just carried out its first reforestation action in the Alto Tajo Natural Park, implementing this technology where it has released seeds of native species in a large part of the more than 1200 hectares devastated by the fire of 6 years ago, one of the most serious of the last decade. On September 6, CO2 Revolution will return to the area to check the status of the seeds.

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