A spy application uncovers thousands of photos of its users

The list of affected by the SpyFone app amounts to 3,666 and the amount of hacked information “can not be encrypted”

«Curiosity killed the cat», this popular saying can be applied these days to the SpyFone app. The spy application for Android and iOS devices has suffered a data leak and the affected list is already over 3,600.

Through this app, a user can monitor calls, messages, photos and even geolocation. A system used, mainly, by parents to monitor the use of smartphones by their children.

SpyFone has become the protagonist after a researcher came to the app’s data on an Amazon S3 server unprotected. Among the filtered information there are photographs, text messages, audio files, contacts, locations, passwords, among many other data.

“There are terabytes of data,” says one of the researchers to the Motherboard publication. The origin of this huge security breach lies in the API that SpyFone left unprotected.

According to the company, a total of 3,666 people are affected by this security breach. Specifically, the victims are not the users of the app, but those devices that were being monitored without their consent.

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