Facebook launches ‘Watch’, a section to upload videos


The new function of the Californian company will allow users to propose new videos and even interact with the creators

Facebook announced on Wednesday the start-up for the whole world of its video service ‘Watch’ , and released in the United States for just over a year.

«We have created this product so that users leave the logic of a passive consumption of videos and can participate. We hope they feel that they have had an enriching moment, “explained the vice president of products in charge of videos and advertising, Fidji Simo.

The service will allow users to propose new videos, as well as find the latest recordings classified by themes, save some videos, and even interact with the creators.

The group also “spent a lot of time with content publishers” in order to “leave each one the possibility of monetizing their creations” through a series of tools that allow advertising to be integrated into the contents, Fidji Simo added.

Competition with YouTube and Amazon

This announcement of the social network comes two weeks after the free and live broadcast in South America of the Champions League and the Europa League, and in the Southeast Asia of the Spanish League. «The content we buy is only a small part of the content that will be available in ‘Watch’. And we trust that profitability will lead to many creations, “insisted Simo.

The Californian group seeks in this way to compete with the American giants of the sector, in particular with Google that has its own video platform, YouTube, but also with Amazon, which already offers videos on demand with its ‘Prime’ platform .

Above all it is a new approach by Facebook, whose growth slowed in the last two months and must find new relief. At this time, the group also tries to make its users more responsible for its main social network.

The company’s stock price fell sharply at the end of July, losing 19.34% in one session, on July 26, which is equivalent to a capitalization loss of 130,000 million euros in just a few hours.

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