Facebook will eliminate the content on designs for the manufacture of weapons with 3D printers


The Californian company has not clarified if it will only erase the publications or if it will also delete related pages and profiles

Facebook has assured this Thursday that it will eliminate the content related to the instructions to make weapons in 3D printers, as reported by a spokesman for the company, at a time when the debate on access to weapons in the United States is intensifying.

” Sharing instructions on how to make firearms using 3D printers is not allowed under our community standards . In line with our policies, we are eliminating this Facebook content, “the social network said.

Facebook has not clarified if it would only delete related publications or if it would also remove pages and profiles, but has said that it would soon share an update of its policy on restricted articles.

Robert Lasnik, a US judge, blocked the publication of a series of instructions and designs for the manufacture of weapons with 3D printers earlier this month.

Lasnik indicated that the dissemination of instructions could cause irreparable damage to US citizens since this type of weapons could not be detected by certain security systems.

Trump, against the creation of weapons

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, considered days before that “it does not make much sense” to sell weapons made with 3D printers in the middle of the controversy generated by a judicial agreement that several states of the country are trying to overthrow to prevent this type of weaponry from beginning. to circulate

«I am analyzing the sale to the public of 3D plastic weapons. I have already spoken with the NRA (National Rifle Association). It does not seem to make much sense, “the New York mogul wrote in his official account of the social network Twitter.

Trump refers to a judicial agreement that the Government reached last June with Cody Wilson, author of a manual to print 3D weapons, by virtue of which the non-profit entity Defense Distributed may publish it on the Internet.

Defense Distributed announced that the manuals would be online again on August 1 , but as they had been published before the litigation, more than a thousand people have had access to these instructions, according to US officials.

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