Fear of running out of battery

20% of Spaniards charge the mobile three times or more per day. ‘Huawei P20 Pro’ and ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 9’ lead the list of smartphones with more autonomy on the market

It is the challenge of the manufacturers. Imagine that you pick up the phone to make a call and realize that you barely have 15% battery. Cold sweats Yes, there is a large part of the population that is afraid of having their mobile phone turned off. A study certifies that 20% of Spaniards charge the phone three times or more per day and more than half of users do not leave home without a charger.

 These are some of the conclusions of a study conducted by the Chinese manufacturer Huawei among more than 10,000 users across Europe, of which 2,000 interviewees have been in the case of Spain.

The study reveals that 56% of users complain that the battery of your smartphone lasts less than 24 hours making intensive use. 10% say that their battery lasts less than 10 hours, although the majority (78%) indicate that they would like to have a smartphone whose battery could last at least 24 hours of continuous use.

55% of Spaniards consider that the hardest part of running out of battery is the tension generated by not being able to make an emergency call if necessary, followed by the possibility of losing an important call (18.55%), or not being able to Entertain yourself with music and videos (10.60%).


There are three types of behavior in regard to the attitude to the lack of battery in the mobile: more than half of respondents are ‘addicted’ to the shippers; One third are ‘survivors’, who can try to make their living without making heavy use of the mobile and, finally, are the ‘professional’ seekers of shippers.

51.6% are ‘addicted’ to chargers: they do not leave the house without carrying one on them and try to connect them to their cell phone so as not to run out of battery, wherever they are, whether in a restaurant, at work, or even of drinks or on the street.

Which cell has more battery?
Samsung Galaxy Note 9: 4,000 mAh

Huawei P20 Pro: 4.000 mAh

Samsung Galaxy S9 +: 3500 mAh

Xiaomi Mi 8: 3,400 mAh

OnePlus 6: 3300 mAh

iPhone X: 2.716 mAh

Shock addicts dread losing less than half their battery. 63% do not leave home without having the phone fully charged. What’s more, 42% even charge your mobile’s battery when it is half full.

21.5% of this type of user prefers to buy a portable mobile battery rather than asking a stranger to lend them their mobile phone to make a call. In the case of all Spaniards, this percentage is 18%.

The ‘addicts’ to the charger tend to charge your mobile more than once a day. 22% say they charge their device 3 times or more a day.

33% confesses ‘survivor’: when managing the daily battery life of their smartphone, they frequently close applications that do not use or keep their phone in the ‘Airplane Mode’, so that the percentage of charge is maintained always high

Almost 30% of this type of users claim that they would borrow a phone if they ran out of battery, 13.5% would be able to pay 25 euros for a battery recharge and a reckless 18% said they would do «almost anything »For being able to charge your mobile. In the case of all the Spanish, only 5% would pay 25 euros for a recharge.

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