Germany will be the guest country in the Fun & Serious of Bilbao

Germany will be the guest country in the Fun & Serious of Bilbao

The appointment with the world of videojuego, that goes by its seventh edition, will take place between the 8 and the 11 of December

     The seventh edition of the Fun & Serious Game Festival has a date: it will take place between 8 and 11 December in Bilbao and on this occasion the country invited to the event will be Germany. Both video game fans who will have access to competitions, prizes, talks and meetings with great figures of the sector – as well as industry professionals – who will have endless opportunities for training, meeting and business – have their space on the festival’s agenda, which will be made public in the coming weeks.

    Germany has a more powerful, mature and voluminous videogame sector. With 4,378 million euros in profits, the German video game market is not only the most notable in Europe, but also one of the largest in the world (since its sales account for 5.5% of the international total). For the rest, its renowned international fair Gamescom, held annually in Cologne, is an unmissable event, the most popular and recognized in the continent.

In the words of Alfonso Gómez, director of the festival: “The DNA of Fun & Serious is to promote the videogame industry in all its facets: production, distribution, promotion to the final consumer and even the institutional framework where the activity takes place. Germany is the largest European market and a benchmark at a strategic level that has achieved per capita consumption 30% higher than Spanish, not only we have much to learn from this country, but also many ways to collaborate

Fun & Serious Game Festival will culminate with the traditional prize-giving gala at the Guggenheim Museum, which will be attended by important international figures of the video game to collect the Titanium prizes to the different categories of the industry. Iconic names of the universe ‘gamer’ as the creators of Sonic, Yuji Naka; Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov; Electronic Arts, Trip Hawkins; Candy Crush, Tommy Palm or Monkey Island, Tim Schafer, have been awarded in previous editions of the festival.

The festival is already an unrenounceable meeting point for the industry, and aims to raise videogames to the category of an art such as cinema or music. The aim is to give relevance to a sector that has invoiced 1,913,050 million euros in Spain during 2016 (according to Newzoo [1]), and which, according to SuperData forecasts for 2017, will reach 4,6 billion dollars of benefits this year and audiences of 665 million audiences worldwide, much more numerous than those of the powerful Spanish, German or American football leagues. 480 companies are dedicated to videogames in Spain and generate employment.

Meeting point

Within the Festival, the Games Industry Forum (GIF) will be held, already tested last year, but reinforced in this edition, inspired by the Industry Club and Marché Du Film of the film festivals, it will have a new tool of matchMaking, of way that will suppose a stimulating and effective meeting point for the representatives of this industry: networking, inspiration and development.

In addition, the business aspect of the GIF is reinforced with the GIF Market, a meeting point between independent studies with publishers and investors, two of the most difficult areas for any young company in the industry. The GIF Market will be the best networking and b2b tool in the industry in Spain, as well as serving as a space for training, learning and knowledge exchange and as a showcase for new professionals.

Call for investors and publishers

The Fun & Serious Game Festival will bring together in one day the best talent of independent development in Spain, as well as the representatives of the most important companies and agents of the video game industry in our country and important international names. If you want to know more about the Festival and how to go, write us here.

Another of the main novelties of this year are the talks and meetings #creadoresqueinspire, which will take place within the framework of the Fun Zone, in a heterogeneous and eclectic meeting where the great creators of videogames and other artistic disciplines such as cinema, music , the comic or the TV will meet.

The Fun Zone in the Euskalduna Palace, the place where the general public will be able to see, play and enjoy the latest novelties in video games, is also enlarged thanks to GAME eSports. The high competition of eSports will take place in two auditoriums, where the best teams of the GAME STADIUM will compete, seeking to be crowned champions of the Second Season. In addition, attendees will have more than 200 gaming stands with the most innovative titles on the market. Virtual Reality will be one of the highlights of the Fun Zone, one of the biggest phenomena in the world of video games in recent years.

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