Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, dies at 65


The entrepreneur died Monday afternoon in Seattle because of a cancer in blood lymphocytes

   Paul Allen , who founded the Microsoft company 43 years ago with Bill Gates , which would revolutionize the world of software and personal computers forever, died on Monday at age 65, his family reported.

In a statement, Allen’s relatives have specified that the entrepreneur died on Monday afternoon in Seattle (in the state of Washington, where Microsoft is based) because of a non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer in blood lymphocytes . «My brother was an incredible individual at all levels. Although many know Paul Allen as a technology expert and philanthropist, for us he was a very dear brother and uncle, and an exceptional friend, “said the deceased’s sister, Jody Allen.

With a fortune valued at 21.7 billion dollars, he was the forty-fourth richest person in the world

Despite always staying in the shadow of his partner and friend since adolescence, Bill Gates, Allen was passionate about computer science and was a key figure in the creation of Microsoft in 1975. According to Forbes magazine, with a fortune valued at 21,700 million dollars, Allen, born in Seattle in 1953, was the forty-fourth richest person in the world .

   With the money made with the software company, Allen created with his sister Jody the conglomerate Vulcan Inc, based in Seattle, which is responsible for managing their private investments and their philanthropic tasks . His work in solidarity includes the creation of organizations dedicated to research such as the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the Cellular Science Institute.

Microsoft’s co-founder was also the owner of a professional football team, the Seahawks of Seattle; of one of basketball, the Trail Blazers of Portland; and partial owner of one football, the Seattle Sounders.

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