Reveal the secret of Apple: three new iPhone

There are just over 48 hours to unveil Apple’s big bet for 2018. The expected keynote of the giant of Cupertino arrives with a very enigmatic invitation and with the motto “let’s get together in a circle” in reference to Apple’s Steve Jobs theater.

But the wait is over, Guilherme Rambo, a 26-year-old Brazilian computer scientist, has managed to eviscerate the code that hid the American’s bets for this Christmas.

Rambo is an old acquaintance of Apple, since in 2017 he confirmed all the keys of the iPhone X. Now the revelation goes further, the young Brazilian has managed to access the promotional images of the Cupertino giant.

According to the images published in 9to5Mac, Apple will continue with the line marked by the iPhone X and its name will be iPhone Xs and will come in two sizes. The normal version will arrive with 5.8 inches, similar size to its predecessor, and one of 6.5 inches, both with OLED screen and for the first time in gold. Of course, the famous eyebrow (notch) is still valid in the new series.

Two new smartphones that will focus the looks and that will be accompanied by a small and cheaper brother. The new iPhone X will be around $ 1,000 and, although the filtration has failed to discover, another cheaper iPhone with LCD screen, whose screen is 6.1 inches is expected.

Apple Watch

What the leak reveals are the new Apple Watch. During the summer, the rumors, which increased with the enigmatic invitation to the keynote, pointed to a round smart watch. However, according to the filtration, you see a clock with a larger screen, but the same device size.

The option chosen by the engineers of the Cupertino giant is to show more information and adopt a circular display like the rest of watches.

Last year, an employee of Apple leaked to the media the version of the last operating system of the giant of Cupertino (iOS 11), from there the computer arrived at the code of the iPhone X

Now, Rambo has managed to scrutinize the new code of iOS 12 to discover what will bring this Wednesday Tim Cook. However, the Brazilian programmer says it is not so clear if the names will be XS, Xs or X s.

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