The parchments of the 21st century arrive


It is a fordable roller screen

Flexible screens? It is not the first time that they are spoken about and there are many prototypes and patents that have come to light. However, for the first time, the School of Computing at the University of Queen has developed a project completely removed from smartphones.

An investigation closer to ancient times. Tablets are now a daily object, electronic books are opened hollow, books take up space on the shelf and the scrolls are relics.

Now, like the books, the scrolls have a more up-to-date brother. Researchers at Queen’s University have created a digital scroll. A project that is already baptized as MagicScroll and has a flexible 2K screen with 7.5 inches.

Installed on a plastic chassis, the screen developed by researchers is controlled by two wheels that allow navigation inside the content. Once the desired content has been found, MagicScroll is deployed to allow it to be read as an old scroll.

“We are inspired by the design of ancient scrolls because their shape allows a more natural and uninterrupted experience of long visual timelines,” explains Dr. Vertegaal, a professor of Human-Computer Interaction and director of the Human Resources Laboratory at Queen’s University.

“The MagicScroll project also allows us to examine the notions that ‘screens do not have to be flat’ and ‘anything can become a screen’. Whether it’s a reusable cup made from an interactive screen where you can select your order before you arrive at a coffee-filling kiosk or an exhibition on your clothes, we’re exploring how objects can become applications. ” judgment.

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