They sue Google for the unwanted monitoring of their users

The complaint, which aims to be collective, seeks compensation for violating privacy

Google knows where we are despite having the ‘location history’ turned off. And this does not please our privacy. Hence, a lawsuit in federal court has accused the technological giant of invading the privacy of people by tracking the whereabouts of smartphones despite not activating the location option.

The lawsuit filed Friday by a man in California seeks compensation for unspecified damages and the class-action lawsuit status to represent all US iPhone and Android mobile users who have deactivated the ‘location history’, so that Google does not Record your movements.

“Google expressly indicated to the users of its operating system and its applications that the activation of certain configurations would prevent the tracking of users’ geolocations,” the complaint states, adding that this statement “is false.”

AP, through a group of researchers, confirmed that Google continues to collect our location using other applications and services, such as Google Maps, every time we do a search in Chrome or consult the weather forecast, including through third-party applications.

That is, if we deactivate the ‘Location History’ we only prevent Google from storing our movements within a timeline, but will continue to do so through other means, although we will not be able to see it.

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