Youtube already warns of the time you spend on your platform

The measure is part of Google’s digital wellness functions

Videos from youtubers? Video clips? Kitchen Recipes? Tutorials to install a program? Perhaps this is the most frequent use that is given to YouTube and perhaps you have never thought about how much time is spent on the Google video platform.

Now, the Youtube engineers already allow to know the time that is spent watching videos of in the mark of the giant of the searchers. This measure is part of the digital wellness program that has been launched in recent weeks.

With the arrival of Android 9, the Mountain View company (United States) aims to promote a moderate use of the mobile phone and avoid excessive use of it. Once the latest version of the YouTube app has been downloaded, you can access the ‘Watch time’ function, within the ‘Account’ menu, and know how much time has been spent on YouTube.

From now on it is possible to know how much time of the day has been dedicated to watch videos, how much time was spent the previous day and the global calculation of time spent during the last week. This data is obtained from the history of YouTube visualizations, so it can be modified by deleting videos from the history.

This new functionality is not exclusive to Google. His rival Apple will launch its Screen Time tool in the fall, which will help combat mobile phone addiction in iOS systems. However, this functionality will not reach Apple devices until September when it releases the latest version of its operating system.

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